Joelle's classes emphasize the breath and intelligent movement. They are sweet, clear, and challenging for practitioners of all levels.

Joelle began practicing yoga in 1997 as a busy graduate student and new hire in the dot-com and publishing worlds. Curious about the deeper aspects of yoga, she completed a 200-hr yoga teacher training with Alison West of Yoga Union in 2002 and began leading classes.

Then, in 2006 Joelle started to write journalism about yoga, bringing her two passions together in one format. She has since been published widely and developed Yoga Nation, her blog about yoga culture (savory and otherwise).

Joelle is an authentic teacher committed to the yoga practice—but not only: her poetic and artistic sides give real color and personality to her teaching. She is eager to share her own living experience to help students relate what we learn in class to real life. I appreciate the clarity of her speaking and the instruction itself. Also, feeling I can let myself go with big trust because she knows what she is talking about.

Ourida, Singer/Songwriter

Joelle is very assured, grounded, and articulate. Her careful and thoughtful approach to designing classes, and her years of deep study and beautiful practice, make her a great teacher to study with regularly if you want to deepen your own work. Joelle has a great, calm vibe and treats every student, at every moment, with care and respect. Her students always know that they can trust her and that they're in good hands.

Elizabeth Bachner, Writer

This is a class for someone who wants yoga as a full practice that goes beyond just the asanas. That said, I often leave Joelle's classes with a new depth of understanding in how to set up my body correctly to avoid injury and at the same time to take the poses further and deeper.

Pam Butler, Visual Artist

As a teacher, Joelle's gift is in her delivery. She transmits yoga to students. She is there with us in yoga. What I mean is, her presence allows space for others. That's the best feeling for students, to feel that the teacher has space for them.

—Sara Yff-Prins, Student

If you are looking to deepen your practice, not just the physical body but to deepen your mind, breath, and inner channels, this is the class. You will discover something new about yourself, about your breath, about your mind -- which is the amazing and scary part. Challenging in ways you never expected.


Very precise with verbal alignment and adjustments. Gentle and kind. Sharing her thoughts on her own practice/life shows another side of her, not just the "yoga teacher." She has a very strong foundation! Her voice is soothing and sweet especially when she is chanting and leading meditation. An amazing teacher with clear direction to what she is teaching -- no fluff!!


Joelle has written about--and done workshops with--most of the major American yoga teachers today from Rodney Yee to Patricia Walden, David Life to Aadil Palkhivala and so on.

In 2011, Joelle completed a year-long course in Living Tantra at the Himalayan Institute with Panditji Rajmani Tigunait, and began a 500-hr teacher training with Gary Kraftsow, founder of American Viniyoga Institute (AVI).

She has been inspired for many years by the wise and poetic Iyengar teacher Genny Kapular, as well as a cast of maverick New Yorkers such as Margi Young, Joe Miller, Lippy Orem, Alison Sinatra, and her doppelganger, Stephanie Sandleben.

Read more about her here.

Teaching Schedule

Go Yoga 112 Berry Street @ N6th
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Mondays 8:15pm basics
Thursdays 6:30pm int/open

Privates available by appointment or for trade

Workshops & Retreats

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Email: yoganation @ gmail